Social Media Overview
One of the biggest issues with social media is a fundamental understanding of why.

Why do it?

Frantically people rushed to linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+ and now Pinterest and Instagram. It is a never ending rush of platforms that from a logical perspective don’t seem to encompass business.

But something happened organically on the world wide web, that had to happen. When it grew the way it did, and went so global, it made connecting easy, but meeting hard. Social media created pockets of communities each with its own specific purpose so that you have an easier time of connecting to your audience, friends, and target market.

Then once you understand the Why – it becomes easier to implement the strategies I use when approaching social media.

The 3 reasons I go to a social media platform are to:

1. Build relationships

2. Engage and Educate

3. Promote a webinar, event, myself or another person/cause.

Then all things come under those categories – ie. sharing personal photos of my vacation (build a relationship – let them get to know me), engage (ask questions or take surveys), educate (share client wins and the strategies I employed), or promote.

When you head down a rabbit hole of likes, video watching, and getting caught up in the drama that is other peoples lives, that is when the times waste begins. And I’m not saying you can’t do that – just be aware of it, and set a timer. And if drama is something you solve, ie. relationships, then jump in and comment.


As important as social media is in your life – there is something even more important to have.

A landing page – and be driving your social media followers to it.

So if you don’t have a landing page or don’t know what one is – get a copy of my book and learn it fast

And then – drive your followers and here’s why. As great as social media is

  1. You don’t own the followers. They belong to the social media platform so if LInkedin, Twitter, Facebook, any of them, cancels your account, you lose all of those followers and connections if you don’t drive them to your own list.
  2. You want them there so you can properly communicate in a more profound and beneficial way that is automated for you.
Training Guide

A Practical Guide To Using Social Media

Landing Page - Why You Need One
I mentioned it briefly in the Overview section but watch these to get an understanding as to why social media is not a stand alone activity – it is integrated into a strategy that feeds you prospects, that you connect with that you convert.

If you would like me to build a brand, logo, landing page and more – check out the Instant Online Impact Silver option.

How to Create a Good Landing Page