Once everything is done it is time for traffic.
So let’s review from my original presentation what you are going to need to do.

We have handled this part with the creation of your landing page in Module 2.



You should be applying what you learned in Module 1 for SEO – and
doing this for domain name creation, blog posts, subject lines,
articles, press releases, sales page, anything that hits the internet.



PPC – Adwords Google Marketing – Watch this Video


For your email strategy – take a look at this lesson

Creating and using Articles – See Step 3  (see below)

Press Releases – See Step 6 (below)





Affiliate Marketing – Watch this Video

Teleseminars and Webinars – See Step 7 (below)

REVIEW VIDEO – number: 10715 

tracy-278x300For this class we will be covering the different strategies used to get traffic to your landing page. The thing to remember about traffic, is this is where the work happens. A well built membership site can be a set and forget as far as content, but you need to implement and do a traffic strategy every day.

For example – one day do a blog (best if you can queue 5 blog posts – one for each day on Sunday night or Monday morning, and then have them go out automatically. Strategy #1.

Then add an article a week.

Do a press release a month.

Add a comment to another popular blog in your field, and make sure it has your PS to your landing page like your signature should have.

Set a schedule for one month, and keep repeating it. 

Some strategies take 20 minutes, some take more.

But a well executed plan produces lasting, long term results.

Step 1: Create Your Plan

Here is a sample for now – You can modify the plan when you
find out what works best for your industry. This is just a sample.

After seeing some of the other techniques here you will change
add add to it to create what is best for your business.

Traffic Plan Sample

Step 2: Article Marketing

Why Articles - Then do these steps

Article Submission Links

Step 1- Create an Account with Each of these Submission Sites

Step 2- Create an Article

Create an article of about 200-300 words.

Sample Article – For the publishing/poetry industry

The key to an article – is the resource box. This is where you can promote, and the only place you can promote. Remember an article is done to educate.

Article Resource Box Example

Step 3 – Turn the Article into a Video

The most powerful site on the internet right now for getting into Google fast and driving traffic like crazy is YouTube.

You probably know that Google loves YouTube almost as much as people like to watch videos.

In fact videos take less than 15 minutes to be indexed by Google.

Articles are great to do, but what if you could get 10 times the value from one, by instantly turning it into a video and creating a traffic frenzy with very little extra effort.

Articles are a great way to put your links into affluence.

One of the best ways to promote you, your company, and your products or services is to give information away. There are hundreds of free article submission sites and ezine lists on the internet, with tons of sites hungry for free content. As long as your article provides readers with useful information and are not for the purpose of selling, sites will accept them for publication. In turn, they will then make those articles available for anyone else browsing their article sites. This is free exposure for you, in a viral market manner.

Ezine publishers are also very interested in good quality information to provide to their subscribers. If you have a well-written article and they choose it, this results in more free exposure for you because at the end of every article is your resource information that contains the key to the success of articles and getting your name out there – your website link back to you.

Articles have real power when it comes to traffic generation.

If you have a knack for writing, you can write them yourself, which will cost you no money at all. If you aren’t the world’s best writer, you can use or and have someone write them for you. Another alternative is to buy PLR (Private Label Rights) articles in which they are pre-written and you can put your name on it. I would recommend changing stuff and at least putting it in your own voice before you send them out, because if you have them, so do others.

After you have written an informative article, you can place them on article directories all over the internet, free. If you want to maximize the results you can purchase products such as Article Submitter Pro which allows you to set up once with all of the article locations you want, and then with each new article, it is a much simpler process of submitting. With 10 articles out there, you can see how this could start to mushroom with many sites and ezines looking for viable content.

Another little tip is to add your article to your Blog. This creates activity at your blog, and another link opportunity back to your website which should be a landing page if you have been paying attention.

With very little effort, you can have thousands, and thousands of back links which continue to grow.

Soon, you will be getting targeted traffic from visitors who have read your article, found information about you in the resource box, and clicked on your web site link that was there. It doesn’t take long for the famed “viral effect” of marketing to take place, and you’ve got the traffic you have been waiting for.

If you don’t want to invest in a product that will submit for you (and you have tons of time), there is a site that lists over 60 of them.

To find more connections to article submission sites where you can really
expand your following, see these top article sites.

You can also type and enter “your niche articles” and
you can get access to sites that deal specifically with your niche.

Have fun, write your articles, get them submitted, and then move on to the next internet marketing method to get traffic to your site.

Step 3: Create a YOUTUBE Channel/Video

If you have not created a YOUTUBE account you need to do that.

You then want to create your OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL. This will keep all of your videos together and can join your channel for new videos that you create.

To create a video – you need a video camera such as a flip cam, face it to yourself, record, upload to your PC, and upload to your YouTube channel.

For training materials on this, creating a Channel, creating videos etc, all of this can be searched for on YOUTUBE.

Step 4: Do A Press Release

Step 1 – Read Press Release Details Below

Step 2 – Then do a press release and submit it

Press Release Example 

Press Release Submission Links

Attracting more traffic to your site can be achieved by creating and distributing press releases. A press release is information supplied to reporters or media that is an official statement or account of an event that is specially prepared and issued to make known to the public. It is generally done when you have a newsworthy event such as a new product, website, grand opening, upcoming event, new product feature – but whatever is going on, the key is to write about it, and let everyone know through a press release.

The success of press releases comes back again to links. These are a great way to get links back to your site. You don’t get the meaty ‘author or resource box’ that you do in an article, but it can ultimately appear on some really great sites. Any aspect of your business that is interesting or unique should be announced on the internet. The internet is one of the largest and easiest ways to get news out there, fast.

Be aware that there is a press release format, although each website has their own instructions that you should follow to increase your chances of being accepted, and being successful. When planning your press release, consider the headline, sub headline, summary paragraph and the actual body of the article. You want your press release to be interesting, but not sales-oriented to get the traffic you expect.

There are 3 things you need to put your focus on. These are:
1. Headline
2. Summary
3. Keywords

Your headline is your hook. What is going to pull them in to get them to read it? What can you say that will capture your audience, and take advantage of keywords or news of the day? For example, let’s say the big news story is the Super Bowl. You are promoting your new website. You want to be noticed, so you would consider something like:
”Marketing Makeover Maestro’s Super Bowl Bet Pays Off”

Then you want to take a look at the summary. This is important from a brief read point of view and keyword insertion. If your keywords are internet marketing and affiliate, you want them to appear in the summary and have it also capture a reader or media person. This will appear below the headline, and remember to connect it back to the headline as a supporting statement.
i.e. Marketing Makeover Maestro just launched her latest coaching program and with her Super Bowl bet on the Colt’s she can now make an introductory offer that she could have only dreamed about with her new Internet Marketing book, “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles” and affiliate program.

Take note of the tie-in, the keywords, and a tease lead to keep going to the body. Then you write your body giving your full story, and add your internet address at the end, or separately if requested. Now you’re ready to get the word out there. You can submit them to directories which will broadcast them all over the internet, along with the information about your company and your website link.

If you have some truly amazing news story, major award win, or something that is really worth getting out there in an enormous way, then you should go to a paid distribution service. I personally use – which costs about $80 and up. The service is well worth it, and your link and traffic will explode once it viral markets around the world to a possible 40,000 sites.

As an aside, if you absolutely can’t write a press release but really want to get one out there, go to places such as or and post a job request, and for a very low cost, you can get one written for you.

Step 5: Do a Teleseminar or Webinar

Teleseminars and Webinars are the perfect way to reach your audience and to build a relationship.

You may have already done this, then keep doing it on a regular basis. You can develop a massive following the more consistently you do this. Drive your social media followers to your online events.

If you are new to this, I have an original guide that I created where there were mostly tele-semniars. This was the system I developed for my first tele-seminar. Today, there are still those who only do tele-seminars. (audio only) I have included a resource that I created back then that you may find useful in creating your tele-seminar OR Webinar. There is the planning and developing the presentation that is the same.

Here is my complete kit containing the steps, action plan, recording of the tele-seminar that I did. All of these details can be used to plan you webinar today. It is just the medium that has changed. What we do, the planning steps, publicizing, selling and execution is all there.



Step 6: Watch This And Add More Strategies

26 Traffic Strategies





Go here to download ebook

Step 7: Add Phase II Strategies

Phase II – Articles (from Above – add more sites)

Phase II – Facebook Ads

Add Joint Venture Partners


Download ebook 

Add Offline Methods if ApplicableThis can be direct mail, mailing a Free CD

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