Module 5


For this lesson, you are getting access to a class that paid me $997 to learn this directly.

Here is everything you need to make your first sales page in 60 minutes. This sales page introduction Consists of 1.3 hours of training videos and almost 13 hours of client sales page reviews. Watch them and learn.

Sales pages in general are a big animal, but I would rather see you get one up fast, and tweak and improve on it, versus tackling the beast from start to finish, and in essence, spending weeks before the page is really ready.

Remember our motto “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”

Then as the weeks progress, take a look at the bullets sample, and a good sample for a sales page that contains all of the element expanded – so that you can continuously improve your conversions.

Quick Step: Fast Method


I’m not a lover of automated website creation methods because usually they don’t follow a correct protocol – however – sometimes it is better to have something up there and fix it later – then have nothing at all.
So if you are really pressed for time – here is access to a software product I bought that creates ‘instant’ sales pages.This isn’t the end of the road, and the page may not perform well – however, sometimes it helps to be prompted for what you need and then you can put it into a formal template later when you have the time and have a better understanding of how the page is composed.


Click here to go to Download Page

( Note this program runs in Windows or in a Windows Emulator only)

Sales Letter Lightning program

(It will say thanks for buying – don’t worry you weren’t charged)

If you go this route – it is a quick start and will help you to start thinking the right way for sales letters.
This is a fast temporary answer.
Follow the steps below to create a Sale Page step by step.

Step 1: Video on Sales Page Introduction

Step 2: Sales Page Blank Template

Click on Link Below for Sales Page Template

Make a Sales Page in 60 Minutes Template
This is an html file download that you start with.

(Remember you can import this into Kompozer or your HTML
editor and start filling in your information – just like the landing page)

Step 3: Videos of Sales Page Reviews

Sales Page Creation and Review

Recorded Teleseminar Series

Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

Interview Audio Offer

Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

Goal Setting Membership Site
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(Good example of keeping it simple, why you need to follow the formula,
and you can see the importance at this stage of Module 3 – Copywriting –
ESPECIALLY – Using your story.)

Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Sales Page Creation and Review Module 5

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Step 4: Print the Sales Page Layout

Print this Sales Page Template so You Follow this Format
Sales Template Download
(AKA – Cheat Sheet)

Step 5: Do the Sales Page

Now Do Your Sales Page Taking Note

of What it Looks Like After

After watching the video here is the
revised simple sales page template

Step 6: Examples of Bullet Point Benefits

Use this sample for your Bullets section

Step 7: Reviewed Sales Pages

Integrate Paypal so You Can Get a BUY NOW Button

Step 8: Check out a few past student web sites that have had approval

Advanced Strategies

After you have created your first sales page which is the ‘fast’ method – when you have the time to expand, feel free to do the expanded sales page.

Sales Page Expanded: This is done after product launch    

Sales pages are the bread and butter of closing a sale fast. They have a specific design, an exact science and their power is only harnessed when it is followed.

Finding Sales Sites in Your Niche

When your page is selling, you really want to spend time checking out the sales pages of others in your niche, and pull out the best features of those and incorporate into your own. Google your competition and find out what their sales page sites look like, and if you’re in an industry where they aren’t using them, then you have just walked into a mecca money-making opportunity because you’ll be closing sales faster than anyone else ever imagined possible.

To check that out go to: and type: (topic)

ie. internet marketing (and it will bring up sales pages in your niche)

Sales Page Questionnaire – Sales Page Guide

In the sales page debate, there is constant talk about short versus long. For now, it is still long. Believe it or not, regardless if you’re the type of person that rushes straight down to the bottom of the page to see the price, it is the long page format that gets the job done. Just follow what works, follow the money, and do what studies indicate.

Top Sales Page Tips:

1.      One purpose – this one-page long site is designed to highlight the benefits of one product or service.  It is a direct campaign to focus the visitor to do one thing, buy your product. That is why in this type of site, ask them to buy 12-15 times until they finally get the message. Like the landing page, this page has a specific design, layout and art to it.  Near misses can be inches away from soaring sales. It combines headline, sub-deck, purchaser benefits, history, testimonials, keywords, a story, and continues along this line until it either closes the sale, or they leave. 

2.      Headline – Size 5 text, bold, and grabs their attention. This is the first thing a visitor will see. You use your headline to draw them in like a black widow. You have only seconds to keep them reading. 

3.      Copywriting – Direct your text to your target audience as tightly as you can. Address the language and emotional tone of that audience in a way that you would talk to them, and remember to tell them constantly what’s in it for them. The copywriting is critical because it needs to continue to captivate the reader until they are sold, and do this in the few minutes they are willing to donate to you. Must also integrate keywords that are critical to you being discovered by search queries. 

4.      Testimonials – have your testimonials in a pale yellow box, with full name, and picture if possible.  If you can, have an audio or video supplement.

5.      Personalization – your name, location date and time appear to give it the appearance of being just posted and updated regularly.

6.      Tag Line – use your unique selling proposition (USP) to tell them why you or your products are special and why they should buy this item. Have your ‘tag line’ and use it often. Establish what yours is and work it.

7.      Text and Highlighting – The text is often done in verdana or Arial, and is varied using size, bold, yellow highlights, font color basic is black, but varies with critical text or headlines done in red, blue or maroon.

8.      Bonus Gifts – This is a classic component, and is the closing part of the pitch. You give them so many extras that the offer is irresistible, and they purchase it. The bonus is many times the value of the actual item. 

9.      Call to Action – The call to action is what you want them to do. Buy Now, buy now, buy now.  Make it a time, space or quantity limited offer to increase urgency and expedite the purchase. 

10.   Links – there are no links that take them out of that one page. You can have order links, but that will take them to the full order offer at the bottom or straight to payment. Use pop-ups or links within the page to direct the flow.

11.   Video and Audio – this is a nice addition and can increase the conversion rate by being able to inform them faster with less effort on their part. Audio is a great way to direct them exactly on what you want them to do, and video is good for testimonials. This adds to the experience while they are reading the site. You can control more when you add audio, and in some cases close the sale without them doing anything else.

The sales page website is a complete course in itself, and if you don’t have experience in this area I would recommend either hire someone for your first one, or study sites that contain all of the sales page elements successfully, and duplicate the format. Study layout, and copywriting with story integration. I would imagine hiring for a sales page is a hefty investment even on the bidding sites. If you’re going to try or to quote on your job, make sure they have sales page experience and check it out thoroughly. A solid investment is copywriting experience because format can be copied – copywriting is the skill that is required to sell.

Happy Creating.

Tools and Resources for putting together your Sales Page


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