Module 4


There are a few ways to get content for your site, but the key is organization, layout, presentation and delivery, and we’ll go over these aspects of a membership site, and in addition to you activating your free month membership in Internet Success University.

You you will see exactly the page look and feel, and how to format a lesson so that you only need to stay one week ahead, spend a few hours every week getting your lesson ready for your membership. You will learn how to earn while you learn.

Play with this and get motivated – Calculate Earnings 
<Click here for Money Calculator>
(drag the slider button on the bar to play with your income)

For this Lesson there are 2 Reviews Required

1. After Planning Worksheet is Done (Step 1)
2. Review one Lesson in full layout
(when you have done either of those send for review)

Step 1: Download Spreadsheet


Use this worksheet for your membership planning
(Right click to download, Save Target As – Requires MS Excel)


Use this PDF for your membership planning
(Right click to download, Save Target As – if you don’t have Excel)

Need Help Planning

Download the Article Pack and see if there is any content you can start with or if it helps you with your lesson plan


Mega Private Label Article Pack
Over 650 Articles in over 20 Different Niches



Step 2: Buy This Membership Software


Check out this widely used product DAP by clicking here.

This is our recommended product and what I use now – watch the video and see how easy and flexible it is.
This can integrate with your WordPress site as well as other configurations. It provides dripped access, multiple product support, protected files and folders, payment buttons, broadcasting and autosponders, affiliate tracking and for me, one of the best things is their support.

When you are ready for it, this is the product that will help you deliver your product in a membership site and will track everything.

Step 3: Make your Membership Site



Step by Step Video How to Make a membership site

Step 1 – How to create a membership site from scratch
Step 2 – Planning Your Membership Site
Step 3 – Setup Download Pages and Welcome Area
Step 4 - Setup a WordPress Membership Site
Step 5 – How to set up a forum for members
Step 6 – How to get Amember installed/setup
If you decided to use DAP Membership Scripts
then watch this video. There is a huge area documenting
everything. Installing the DAP and Configuration
Step 7 – How to Use Amember
Step 8 – Testing Amember to Make sure it works

Step 4: Membership Considerations


1. Decide on a type of membership site you want.
ie. Monthly, fixed term, buy full access now
(I have a monthly site as well as single purchase product sites)

2. Decide on the platform
ie. WP Wish List, DAP, Simple password protect, Amember
(I support and use DAP)

3. Decide on the hook for the membership site.
Work at home mom earns 6 figures, becomes a bestselling
author, and International speaker and motivator in her FIRST 6

4. Decide on content delivery schedule
ie. Daily, weekly, monthly
(I teach weekly, but I run daily, but only after I had 52 weeks of

5. Decide on how you will market the membership site
ie. Free trial, $1 trial, free gift
(I use all of the above)

6. Create the first month of content
(arrange in 4 separate lessons for weekly)

7. Market the membership
This is described in module 6

8. Break it apart to reuse the content
ie. ebook, workbook, stand alone modules, lite version, advanced
version with mastermind calls, etc.
(I do all of the above)

Step 5: Make Your Membership Sites


Lesson 1

HowtoCreateLessonsforyourmembershipSite no. 20090622 module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

Lesson 2

HowtoCreateLessonsforyourmembers no. 20081028 Module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

Step 6: Watch Review Videos



MembershipSiteLayoutReview no. 4511 Module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

Membership Layout no. 6810 Module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

SettingUpYourMembershipSite no. 3310 Module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

(this is over 200 MB and will take about 4min on highspeed to download first)

SettingUpMembershipSite no. 201001 Module 4 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.


Class4-ReviewSession-200907132111 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.


HowtoCreateLessonsforyourmembershipSite-20081224 from Innersurf International on Vimeo.

Step 7: Put them all Together


How To Use My Template for Your Lessons

Step 1 – Scoop my model
Get the first 3 weeks of ISU for $7

Step 2Use this Sample ISU Lesson to Create Layout

Step 3 – Create Your First Lesson
using above sample

Step 4 – Create each lesson Autoresponder Message
(Copy format sent from my model)

Step 5 – Give Away Stuff, Develop Interest – Do Tele/Webinars

Step 6 – Get Traffic to your Landing Page and
Monitor Your Conversions
(Traffic Module 6)

Sites of Interest for help, video teleseminar services and quick content: